Music Samples

Published music –  Orchestral, Electronic, Drama, Documentary, World and more…

All Music at Audiosparx

Some selected tracks
Orchestral, Hybrid: Hope Whispers   Above The Prairie   Suspense And Tension  Formidable Adversaries
World Fusion: Flower Of Life   Calm Waters   Bali Express   One Love
Drama: Daily Motion   Ascending Order   Garden Secret
Electronic:  Chromatic Emotions   Out Of The Blue   Good Life

All Music at Pacifica

Some selected Tracks
Mixed: Dreamtime   City Minds   Distant Echoes   Balafonia   Floating   Cool Enigma
Orchestral Action: Survival Instinct   Apocalyptic   Conspiracy    Heavy Duty   The Reckoning
Electronic:  Jazz Step   Shades Of Grey   If Only   Communication Breakdown
Orchestral Drama: The Waiting  Strange Waltz   Voices   Haunted House   Aurora
Drone Layers: Drawning

Music, not yet Published – see menu: Music Samples2


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