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Born in Cannes, France. Fabrice composes music since the age of fifteen. First attracted to Classical and progressive Music he became involved in modern Jazz and later on, in Computer and Electronic music. Studied electronic Music in London were he obtained a degree and a Masters degree in Sonic Arts. Since 1999 became interested in generative music and algorithmic composition and became involved in the Live Coding movement, which is the Art of writing Music Computer code in real-time, while the Music is being performed. He has integrated in his works classical, jazz and electronic music. Using the audio programming language SuperCollider he has written many applications to assist him in composing his music and for Sound Design. He has worked since 2000 as a lecturer in Music Technology in London, UK. He has participated many media projects and has written some software for Sound Therapy. A full-time Music Composer and producer since 2009, he specialises in music for film and television.

2 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Hi Fabrice
    I have just come across an old article about a software programme you developed that identifies the different frequencies within the voice and feeds back any missing ones. I am very interested in learning more about it, but cant find anything about it on the web. If it is still available, could you please let me have the link details..

    Many thanks,



    • Hi Sara,
      Thanks for your interest.
      the software dis not identify frequencies I did that Using a free program for speech and voice analysis called Praat. Do a frequency chart and look for a pattern or most important spikes. Then I used my own software to create a set of sound files that reharmonises these identified frequencies.
      All the best


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