Music Samples

Published music –  Orchestral, Electronic, Drama, Documentary, World and more…

These tracks are regularly placed on TV/Advert/documentary etc…They are shared here as an example of what I compose and produce. I can tailor anything on request for your specific project…

All my Music at Pacifica (you can then edit the search by genre, mood, etc.. in the left menus)

Some selected Tracks
Mixed: Dreamtime   City Minds   Distant Echoes   Balafonia   Floating   Cool Enigma
Electronic:  Jazz Step   Shades Of Grey   If Only   Communication Breakdown
Orchestral Drama: The Waiting Game  Strange Waltz   Haunted House   Aurora
Orchestral Action: Survival Instinct   Apocalyptic   Conspiracy   Heavy Duty  The Reckoning
Drone Layers: Drawning

All my Music at Audiosparx

Some selected tracks
World Fusion: Flower Of Life   Calm Waters   Bali Express   One Love
Drama: Daily Motion   Ascending Order   Garden Secret
Orchestral, Hybrid: Above The Prairie   Suspense And Tension  Formidable Adversaries  Hope Whispers   
Electronic:  Chromatic Emotions   Out Of The Blue   Good Life

Some New Age/Relaxation Music, not yet Published: Music Samples2

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